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Come Play With Us!  ♦ NO Experience necessary! ♦

If you live in the valley and are interested on taking polo lessons or joining our Champs League for beginners,  please feel free to contact our Polo School at info@azpoloclub.com. We offer group lessons or private lessons according to your needs. We have a number of group clinics throughout the season so join our mailing list to keep up to date on the next one!

Never been on a horse? no problem! We encourage you to take a polo lesson! We will arrange a lesson according to your abilities and skills. We also have riding instructors to help you get started in the saddle. Students can start from age 10.  T

Meet our polo pros and instructors both bring years of experience to our program!

Polo School Instructor Emilio Urrea Kirby

I am one of those lucky persons privileged to have been granted the facilities and knowledge to practice polo since before I can remember. I am a third generation Urrea of polo players and was raised at a farm that included a polo practice field as a my backyard. My father took great enthusiasm in teaching me to ride, first with him, then on a pony, and later on polo ponies. I learned quickly and made good use of my polo field to get better. Soon I was the uprising star of polo from my generation in Colombia. I played and won all the junior tournaments, but of course not every time, and then became the the first of my generation to jump to the adult big league stage at the age of 13 with a handicap of 2 goals. My teams where usually titled as the underdogs, but somehow we always carried on to the final and managed to win the two most important cups of Colombia, La Copa Uribe and La Copa Strong before the age of 16. I also went to compete in Lujan, Argentina where I excelled in the qualification game and ranked top of the hole group.


Years passed and I found a way to raise my handicap to 4, but during the process I found that my true heart laid in teaching. I like to teach people about the connection that exists between horse and rider and how to embrace that connection in order to become a better polo player. As time passed working as a polo teacher I became more intrigued on the best way to nurture horses and to correct flaws. I believe in Monty Roberts Join Up ideology to start up foals, dressage as the basics for training horses, and Steven Thompson´s and Hugh Dawnay´s vision and mechanics of polo instructing.

Throughout my 8 plus years teaching I have developed great exercises that facilitate and make learning polo fun. I like to take my students through the whole journey of nurturing and training horses, stick and balling, assisted practice matches, and team tournaments. Some need more focus on some areas than others, but having the possibility of being able to offer a complete package is what I think makes me a great instructor and professional. Horses and polo have become my life and would now like to expand my horizons as a polo professional, polo instructor, horse trainer, or equestrian teacher. I find myself very fit and confident to look outside Colombia for a different stage to compete and show my skills. I enjoy playing and I find being cordial and uplifting with my teammates and opponents to be the most rejoicing part of playing. Really looking forward to another season with Arizona Polo Club students!






Mike on his first pony
Mike on his first pon

Pintureros Cup-1267Mike Denby –   Mike has been riding since he was in the womb.  He started playing polo on a real pony – Comanche(photo, right). He then spent his formative playing years with the St. Louis Polo Club playing with the Orthwiens, Busch’s and others as part of the scrimmage and tournament traveling squads playing tournaments across the Midwest and Northeast.  Mike attained a rating of 1 goal.  He returned to playing polo this year in support of his daughter Katalyn and we are very excited he has agreed to commit his time and energy to help Arizona Polo Club develop its current and future members.  The new Player Development Program will have two parts – the Development Squad for group learning and the Leg-Up Learning for individualized training. Mike is also a CU rated USPA Umpire.

In addition to his background in polo Mike also brings his GoPro camera with him to scrimmages and matches for play review with students. He will also video and analyze your swing piece by price to get your form as near to perfect as possible!



Chica 1Andres Camacho Castilla is originally from Colombia where his family founded the club in Bogota. He is currently the highest rated player in the state with an outdoor handicap of 3.








Diego Florez facilitates and instructs our beginners clinics. He is currently rated a 1 goal.

polo clinic880











polo clinic632Natalie Camacho runs the AZ Womens League – Las Divinas Polo. She first started polo at UC Davis in 1999. If you are a lady player or want to learn.. come out and join the fun!









Cinics are a great way to introduce yourself to polo- and a great way to spend an afternoon with friends!

polo clinic58

 Group Polo Lesson
 Group Polo Lesson package (10 lessons)
 Private Polo Lesson
 Private Polo Lesson Package (10 lessons)
All lessons include: arena fees, pony, tack, mallet, and gear.



polo clinic740

Polo School Program

The polo school program consist of several phases necessary for someone to have the basic knowledge about polo, polo riding and move to the next step which is playing polo at slow pace with peers of the same level and supervised by polo professional and advance polo players. We recommend to have initial polo lessons to get familiar with the polo lingo, riding and get an idea where each individual stands. after the end of the 10 lessons, we encourage all students to join the Gecko League and continue to train and play at slow pace and with coaches that will explain the game, rules and personal observations. Students should continue to take individual lessons to sharpen up their personal skills and needs.

Group Polo Lesson or Gift Certificate for  Polo Lesson – $100

Group Polo Lesson Package (10 Lessons) or Gift Certificate for  Polo Lesson Package – $900

Private Polo Lesson or Gift Certificate for Private Polo Lesson – $125

Private Polo Lesson Package (10 Lessons) or Gift Certificate for Private Polo Lesson Package – $1,125