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Arizona Polo Club offers four categories of polo membership to any individual seeking to enjoy the sport of polo and its surroundings or wishes to be an sponsor- Playing Memberships, Social Memberships and Sponsor Memberships.

There is currently a waiting list for membership, please inquire to see if spaces available.  or call/text to 480-201-4530
If you wish to join Arizona Polo Club, please fill the attached forms and submit for membership! All playing of out members are required to join United States Polo Association under Arizona Polo Club.

Joining is as easy as 1-2-3! Please fill out the below forms and either fax or mail back to 8140 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

APC Club Rules-Player Conduct
APC Participation Release 2019

Caballeros Field Release 2019-2020


Polo Club Membership Fees for Arizona Polo- Polo Cares (Includes Caballeros Field(Private Field), Westworld Field, and Arena access) . Tournament fees, horses, lessons are not included in club fee.
Membership Fees and Details – 2019 Season

Polo Cares, INC payments for the playing memberships can be as follow:

check, cash and Zelle. Credit card with card processing fee of $100.

Payments  and the forms to:

8140 East McDowell Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Zelle Payment to:

Polo Cares, INC








Novice First Year Membership
Player is entitled up to 2 beginners/ slow chukkers per played date.
Stick and ball on the field and arena. Instruction, horses and tournaments fees are not included.
Those brand new to polo will be required to sign up for a lesson program.
Novice chukkers will be coached with a Pro majority of the time.
Only allowed to play in 1st or 2nd year tournaments and occasionally selected to play on faster tournaments based on individual riding/polo abilities.
Cost $2500

Season Playing Membership
Player is entitled from 4 to 6 chukkers per played date. Stick and ball on the field and/or arena on scheduled dates by APC.
Instruction, horses and tournaments fees are not included.
Any family member or living partner is allowed to play for an additional fee*.
*Additional family member fee: $500.00 per season only allowed to play 2 chukkers.
**additional family member fee is 50% of full playing membership. Allowed to play 4 to 6 chukkers per scheduled date.
Cost $3600.00

Season playing Membership (only under 18 with no adult family member):
Player is entitled up to 2 chukkers only. Stick and ball on the field and/or arena on scheduled dates by APC. Instruction, horses and tournaments fees are not included. Only allowed to play in minor/beginner tournaments or similar. A parent or guardian must be present at all times.
Cost $600

Weekend Fees – for non members & visitors:

Daily Fees non APC members & visitors.


Social Membership:
Your membership cost $450.00 includes 1 VIP pass to the Molina tent at the anual Scottsdale Polo Championship and or similar and invite to all club public social events; 1 Arizona Polo Club T-shirt or hat.



Meet the members of Arizona Polo Club for 2019 


Andres Camacho Castilla

Occupation: Andrés moved to the Phoenix area in 2010 to attend Thunderbird School of Global Business, joined Honeywell in 2011, received his MBA in 2012, and plans to stay in the Valley of the Sun. How did he get into polo: Andrés comes from a family that has been playing polo for generations, his great great grandfather founded the polo club in Bogotá (1890’s) and his mother and father met on the polo field. His father was a 7 goal player, and it was only his hobby as he is a full time professional. He has a brother that is five years younger that is an active player in Bogotá as well.  Currently he is rated at 3 goals outdoor, and 3 goals indoor. Favorite thing about polo: Although playing polo is his first passion, he enjoys teaching and training in his spare time. Andrés also rescues and rehabs off the track Thoroughbred horses to play polo. He currently owns 8 horses with his wife, Natalie 



martinDr Martin Vidal – Owner Cave Creek Equine 

Martin is a polo enthusiast and the owner of Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging  Center in North Phoenix. As a surgeon and sport medicine specialist Martin is totally committed to the health of all our polo ponies!

Favorite thing about polo: The athleticism of the polo pony, the thrill and finesse of the game and the camaraderie among all the club members.






Diego Florez, DVM

Occupation:  Veterinarian (Aztec Animal Hospital, Owner and Operator). APC Club Manager.

How did you get into polo:  I took my first lesson 2008 and I was hooked. Prior to that I had lived in Indiana, New York City, and my home country Colombia where riding horses was part of my life. After trying many sports that didn’t fill my expectations polo gained all my attention.

Favorite thing about polo: The interaction with horses and the adrenaline rush. I love to learn, educate and promote the sport of polo and improve polo in any possible way.




Natalie Grancharov Camacho                                                            

Occupation:  Engineer Manager  


How did you get into polo:  I started playing polo at UC Davis in 1999. I have been involved in polo and other equine sports since that time and have really developed a passion for polo in the last 5 years. My husband and I have 8 horses now, there is always a new pony in training at our ranch!

Favorite thing about polo: I love horses, but I also love being able to play and have an afternoon of polo with my family and friends.




Martin Morey                                                          

Occupation:  coming soon.









Jean Richard

Occupation : Sr. Manager International & Cross Border Advisory services.

How did you get into polo: I started riding when I was 8 years old and continued until my personal and professional career required most of my time and energy. I had quit riding for over 20 years when, visiting Cordoba (Argentina), I tested polo. The year after I registered for an initiation week in Argentina, the year after I went to South Africa (Val de Vie Polo Club) where I continued playing for a few weeks every winter. I joined National Polo Club near Montreal Canada in 2012.

Favorite thing about polo: Polo is a very addictive sport for horse riding and team sport enthusiasts (some are saying: ‘Only health or poverty can take you away from polo’) I love the sport as it’s respectfully competitive on the field and warmly friendly off the field.



Felipe Ochoa

Occupation:  Finance.


How did you get into polo:  Enjoyed watching some polo matches as spectator and horse trail riding growing up in Colombia. Took a lesson out of curiosity and got hooked.


Favorite thing about polo:  Adrenaline, challenge and competition. Playing polo is way more thrilling than watching as spectator, definitely I recommend you to try a lesson.







Scott Vargas

Occupation: Distribution of high performance racing parts

How did you get into polo:  I started learning how to ride a horse and play polo on July 2013 after seeing some commercials on TV with polo in the background, it looked fun! Favorite thing about polo:  The combination of adrenaline, animals, and its challenging nature. 









Michael Denby, Environmental Attorney

How did you get into polo?  I have been riding horses since early childhood.  Growing up with two bothers and a 66 acre horse farm in central Illinois, my brothers and I spent our youth in Pony Club and helping our mother run a Thoroughbred breeding and foaling operation.  The whole family began playing polo after a very serendipitous chance encounter with the St. Louis Polo Club.  It was the perfect fit for three young men who wanted more from horse riding.  For over a decade the three of us were mainstays of the club driving our gooseneck rig with 9 ponies two hours to St. Louis twice a week in addition to anchoring the St. Louis traveling tournament teams throughout the Midwest and beyond.   As life and careers unfolded, polo was left to the memories on my parents’ award table.  Two decades later, with a horse-loving thirteen year old daughter who now wants to play polo, I have been inspired to dust off my old equipment (quite literally) and get back into the game.

What do you like most about polo?  For me, polo has always been a fantastic combination of power, speed, control and comradery.   I am very much looking forward to playing with the Arizona Polo Club and my daughter. 



Katalyn Denby, Studentimg_8505

How did you get into polo? I have always really loved horses and asked my parents for one. When they said I had to pay for one myself, I started saving up all of my money, and, when I was nine, started my own dog treat business “Joyful Bone”.  The money I made from Joyful Bone allowed me to buy my own horse “Story” and to pay for all the fencing and supplies necessary to keep her in our backyard.  I wanted to give polo a try because I knew my dad used to play, so I swung a mallet on my grandma’s old polo ponies and immediately wanted to do more. What do you like most about polo? Polo is a really fun way to spend time with my dad and our horses.








Jose Amaya


I grew up around horses and always had a passion for them.  My family owns dairy and beef cattle farms in Colombia.  My grandfather bread quarter mile, Belgians and “paso-fino” horses at the farms. In my early teenage years I did horse jumping. I showed “paso-fino” horses at competitions

As far as polo: never swung a mallet, until Diego and Felipe taught me.  Hoping I can transfer my Golf, tennis, soccer and squash skills to the polo field. In the end, It’s all about keeping your knees bent and your eye on the ball, shouldn’t be that different! 🙂








Bill Clark
Occupation:  Custom home builder, high end, high difficultly, specializing in concrete and steel.
How did you get into polo:  Avid rider since childhood, Bill began playing polo in 1993. He owns fours horses and his favorite, Valentino is a beautiful thoroughbred that was born on Valentines Day. You might have seen Bill and Valentino on local news doing polo promos! Look for those yellow wraps!
Favorite thing about polo:  Competing with Horses and camaraderie.


Bill Stalcup   Works at Nalco
How did you get into polo:  Vince Azzaro taught Bil and his father as well as Walt & Steve Kuhn at Pheasant Run, IL in 1970
Favorite thing about polo:  Making ponies and scoring goals from distance. Bill owns 5 horses that he and his wife have trained. 





Greg Holditch
Greg Holditch is a Senior Vice President of investments in the Private Bank at  Wells Fargo & Co. His wife Katy introduced him to horseback riding 25 years ago.  Two years ago he decided to start playing Polo instead of starting up golf, when his kids all went to college. He is a member of several riding groups: White Mountain Range Ride, Verde Vaqueros 
and the Arizona Mounted Reserve.


Camila Mogollon                                                                                      

Occupation: student. 
I love to be around horses. My dream is to become a vet one day. I heard some colleges have polo teams, so I am preparing myself, learning the skills and rules of the game… And of course learning how to be a good rider! How did you get into polo? I started riding with Diego and Andres and helping them at the games on the weekends, and then I joined the club and started playing! Favorite thing about polo Definitely the adrenaline rush while playing and the community. It is tons of fun playing with great people that share the same passion.



Croix Waag



Croix Waage has been a long time supporter of APC and has been playing polo for 8 years. We are happy to






Barclay Knapp

Occupation:  Longtime communications entrepreneur.  Latest as Co-Founder and CEO of Iota Communications, Inc.
How I got into Polo:     Attended my first match only 3 years ago.  Loved the sport immediately, but didn’t dare dream of playing as I had never even ridden before.  Was later encouraged to “get up on a pony and give it a try,”
and right away saw how thrilling it  would be to learn and play.
Why I love polo:   Its got everything:  speed, contact, grace & balance, athleticism, exhilaration, teamwork and strategy – all with an amazing animal as your partner.




Keri McKeone
Profession:  Attorney
How did you get into Polo:  I was boarding my horse at a polo farm in Atlanta and the owner talked me into taking a lesson.  I was immediately hooked.
What do you like most about Polo:  I love the team aspect of the game and of course I love the horses.  I enjoy the camaraderie of players and spending the day riding.
Amelia Perry
Occupation: Realtor 
how did you get into polo? I got into to polo through a friend who played. I was instantly hooked. I would show up to ride and practice every day in exchange I would clean stall and groom for him during matches.
what do you like most about polo? The horses! The best horses are polo ponies and will play the sport better then you. 
Martin Gonzalez

Martin comes to us from Argentina where he raises and trains polo ponies. He’s also our one of our asado masters!


 Kate Merzke Kate 5x7

Occupation – Graphic designer and small business owner.How did you get into polo? – I grew up in the hunter/jumper world, but polo always looked so much more exciting. While attending the polo championships as a spectator, I signed up for lessons at the AZ Polo Club booth and have been involved ever since.What do you love most about polo?  I love how challenging it is, and how inviting the polo community has been. 





chrisChris HisleOccupation – financial advisor.How did you get into polo – Began riding horses casually a year and a half ago, met the club at the big tournament in the fall and signed up for lessons.What do you love most about polo? – The people and the friendly, relaxed/welcoming atmosphere at all the matches.