Polo Schedule


Fall 2019 Schedule

Matches are played every Saturday 2:00pm and Sunday 10:30 am at Los Caballeros Polo Field (see schedule for details)

Sept 21-22 Per-season Stick and Ball & Asado
Sept 28-29 – Stick and ball and Scrimmage & Asado


All matches during October will be held at Caballeros field 
Oct 5 @ 2:30 PM – Opening Weekend! Asado Saturday Ramada !!!
Oct 6 @10:30 AM Scrimmage & Easy Chukkers+Polo Clinic+Cowboy Polo

Oct 12 @ 2:30 PM Scrimmage & easy Chukkers asado                                   Oct13 @ 10:30 AM – Scrimmage & easy Chukkers

Oct 19 @ 2:30 AM Champs tournament day 1 & Scrimmage – Asado
Oct 20 @ 10:30 PM Champs tournament day 2 & Scrimmage  

Oct 26 @ 2:30 PM scrimmage & Easy Chukkers                                                 Oct 27 @ 10:30 AM Cactus Cup 2-4

Oct 28th Flood Irrigation. Field Closed after the polo party on Nov. 9

Nov 2 – The polo Party – @ Westworld
Nov 3 – APC clinic + Scrimmage – @ Westworld + cowboy polo

Nov 9 @ 2:30 PM Scrimmage & Easy Chukkers & Asado                           Nov 10 @ 10:30 AM Scrimmage & Easy Chukkers

Nov 16 APC Fall Classic Tournament 2-4 goal                                            Nov 17 APC Scrimmage & Easy Chukkers

Nov 23 2:30 PM Scrimmage & Easy Chukkers

Nov 24 10:30AM Fall Classic Tournament Fall Classic Tournament 2-4 goal

Nov 30 @2:00 PM Champs Tournament

Dec 1 Polo Clinic and scrimmages + Cowboy polo

Dec 7 Time TBD USPA Border Circuit Masters Cup $8,000.00 prize 2-4 goal  Dec 8 Time TBD USPA Border Circuit Masters Cup $8,000.00 prize 2-4 goal

Dec 14 2:00 PM Champs Tournament Day 1 Scrimmage & easy chukker
Dec 15 10:00 AM Champs Tournament Day 2 Scrimmage & easy chukker

Dec 21/22 – Scrimmage

Dec 23-Jan23 – Winter Break

Contact us to reserve your spot for our 2019-2020 Season today!  Call us at 480-201-4530 or email info@azpoloclub.com


Coaching League: 

The Coaching League is the best learning environment for novice players and people who have taken lessons but are still learning the flow of the game. Novice students get to play in slower paced chukkers with professional instructors on each side.  Instructors will coach students on strategy of the game, rules and provide advice feedback after plays.


Polo Clinics:  

Upcoming Clinics: none schedule at this time but email info@azpoloclub.com if you are interested in taking a lesson!

Anyone interested on polo is welcome to attend our polo clinics; No riding experience required. RSVP required, stay tuned for next seasons opportunites


Club Tournament Events:

Tournaments are scheduled and there are typically one a month. A great chance to see the fastest polo around!



Players sign up and teams are made to have practice matches in a regular basis. Public welcome to attend and tailgate.







Viewing & Safety

Your best bet is to watch the main group of players clustered loosely around the ball. Keeping your eye on the ball is difficult at far ends of the field, if you have binoculars bring them. Always remember to leave at least 10 yards between you and the edge of the field, and never at the ends of the field. For everyone’s safety, including their own, pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Likewise, with one eye at least on the game at all times, we recommend keeping the other eye on any children who come with you. Everyone who attends a polo match or scrimmage needs to remember that this is a fast moving sport with very large participants. While the action a second ago may have been well on the other side of the field, if you aren’t keeping an eye on the game, you may find yourself looking up to see 8,000+lbs. of horses and riders in a much closer way than you ever would have wanted. We overemphasize this point for your safety.


In addition to the game, if you are around the horses, please remember not to make any sudden movements or loud noises. Unless a rider or groom gives you the go ahead, it is always best to keep 6 to 8 feet away. That said, please feel free to come by the trailers after the match to meet and chat with the players. Polo players are passionate about their sport, so you’ll never find a better source of information.


APC  encourages spectators to bring food, drinks, friends and family to polo matches. So pack a picnic lunch of items that will travel well for an afternoon sporting event. Because it is outside, remember those important outdoor necessities such as sun-block, sunglasses, water, and a lawn umbrella or other sunshade if you would like.


Those pop-up canopies were surely invented by a polo fan! You will want to bring a blanket or lawn chairs for seating. Bring your camera if you want to capture the action or binoculars to keep on top of the action at the other end of the field. Tailgating is very popular at a polo match, and the styles vary widely with the participants.

What to wear for a polo event?

Polo is an outdoor sport , so dress according to the weather. Forget about what you’ve seen in the movies. Polo is watched by all ages, races, and social classes. While you are welcome to dress up, that is more typical during charity benefits, and you will be just as comfortable wearing whatever you normally would wear out on a hot weekend day. Shorts and a T-shirt or a polo shirt or sundress are ideal. You really can’t be over or under dressed.


Spectators at a polo match wear everything from jeans to high fashion. If the polo match you’re attending is a major tournament, charity benefit match or special event, you may want to dress up. If you want to go divot stomping at halftime, and you should, it’s a good idea to wear shoes for health reasons and a hat for sun protection. You want to dress and be comfortable for a polo match.


Divot stomping is a long standing tradition at half-time. Spectators wander all over the field stomping down the torn up turf. It’s fun and you can meet great people just wandering the field. Even at high goal tournaments the players often walk divots to keep limber at the half, and often they take breaks or change ponies ponies  close to the stands. Many times you can say hello to the best polo athletes in the world.

 Learn basics of polo

If you are with a friend who knows a little about polo, ask the people around you what’s happening. Many spectators love to help a new observer. If you’ve already made some studies of the game, you should be able to see the rules in action and recognize great play.Learn the basics of polo.

What to bring to a polo match?

Just bring a blanket or beach chair. You can sit anywhere outside of the field and give yourself very good distance between sidelines and yourself.APC is open for public viewing on scheduled weekends ( some events might be private or have an entry cost). Check the website to make sure the game has not been canceled before you head out to the field or arena. You can enjoy a polo match played by some of the greatest athletes in the world right from the sidelines.